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If you look at it from a strategic stand point, this is purely a profit increasing move. Otherwise Netflix would have charged the increase at the time the started offering Blu-ray. If it truly is due to the cost of the Blu-ray, then their executives are terrible at looking at future gross margins when they decided to introduce Blue-ray. Either way this is netflixs fault. Not the cost of Blu-ray. Oh, and by the way its not the 1 that bothers me, its the principle. Extra 1, sure, Ill pay it for Blu-Ray. Now how about knocking 1 off for us Mac users who cant use the Watch Instantly feature? Hows it fair to charge extra for blu-ray and not give a break for those who cant use watch instantly? wow!! what a crappy way to nickel and dime your loyal customers of many years. Im now shopping around for a new service. Sounds like just a easy way for netflix to make a few extra million a month with-out improving there service or time it take to get movies. shame on you!! I just want to point out that this is poor implementation, and that should one receive a bluray in a given month then the 1 charge should apply. Just having access to rent blurays in general should not justify an overall price increase. There have been Bfi dog sex movies movies months when I did not rent any blurays at all. Im just about done with Netflix. Ill be canceling the blu-ray option. Im going to consider getting rid of Netflix all together, I also wonder how many poor people wont pay enough attention to their e-mail or this blog and get hit by this as a rude surprise. What I think is Bfi dog sex movies movies is all of the WHINNING. Uh, listen up Miracle you grow up and own your own company, you can charge whatever you would like as well!!! What a concept. Another thing, you stupid shortbuses, is that this is America. Go somewhere else if you dont like it. Im just waiting for one of you babies to start a petition. Haha Blockbuster charges 99 for their mail only 3 at a time plan there does not appear to be a premium for blu-ray. Or you can choose the mail store plan for 99 whihc appears to be a great value if you have a blockbuster nearby. I think Ill be switching before the month is over. Good Grief there are a bunch of whiny people Bfi dog sex movies movies there! Look YOU chose to buy early into the Blu Ray tech, out of 90, 000 titles available at Netflix only 1094 are Blu Ray. Why should those of us happy to view the other 90, 000 standard DVD titles have to foot the bill to buy more expensive copies of BD disks? The one thing that is an absolute fact, and a If you dont like it then downgrade to SDVD and wait for BD to catch up, or simply quit and go to BB. Who BTW is shy on BD titles vs. NF by almost 400 titles! Why? because they only provide Censored versions of movies that fit their moral standards. Oh and for the Mac users whining about Stop beating the dead horse will ya? Why should you get a discount for something that nobody is being charged anything for. I dropped Blu-Ray access today because, being a careful shopper, Im not used to paying more for high definition. Especially since less than 10 Bfi dog sex movies movies of the videos I watch are even available on an HD format. I used to be a Netflix costumer, and Im now with Blockbuster. The reason was the lack of recent releases on bluray. I Bfi dog sex movies movies recent releases in my queue for two months and they are still tagged very long wait.

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